The Golden Peacock at Venetian Macau


The Golden Peacock at Venetian Macau (in collaboration with Hands Creations Ltd.)

The only one Indian restaurant in Venetian Macau, the Golden Peacock, takes over the place of Blue Frog Bar & Grill. Adopt the existing 2 levels structure, the oven and the bar setting are kept on ground floor, the new renovation focus on styling, material and furniture selections. To reveal the richness and the opulence of India culture, we paint the entrance in copper gold leaf and change the sliding screens in sadeli pattern. Peacock is Indian national bird. The colour and the look of it become the key elements of the restaurant. You can see the peacock print is craved on the stone wall, lit up at the bar back and the shape of the peacock becomes the inspiration of a bar chair. The design is full of colours and patterns, so what shall we do on the ceiling? Custom made pendant light? No, we challenge ourselves more and design some giant “flower” wire frames on the ceiling. Each carries a down light and is illuminated by the skinny led pendants surrounding it. They are not only a lighting fixtures but also decorative pieces diminish the angular shape of the restaurant.

Photographer: Jason Hung

DSC_0218p_cleaned DSC_0291p_cleaned DSC_0443p_cleaned  DSC_0521p_cleaned

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