Millwork Interiors in collaboration with Hands Creations Ltd.

The result of a well-established restaurant relocation, upgrade and enlargement project, the 5,000 square foot Noodle Kitchen is newly situated within a casino-located retail space in the luxurious Galaxy Macau leisure destination and gaming resort. 

With a reputation for serving authentic, northern Chinese cuisine, including hand-made, northern Chinese noodle and dumplings, the new-look restaurant sought to reflect the 24-hour bustle of serving traditional Chinese comfort food within the context of the glamour, energy and excitement of the casino floor.

Reimagining the traditional Chinese restaurant theme to ensure a seamless blend with the modern casino retail environment, the design was led with the shape and form of the noodle – reinvented through a contemporary lens – creating an environment of continuously flowing clean lines, weaving patternsand an abundance of wood. 

The restaurant confidently reveals its identity with an open noodle counter showcasing the entrance. Steam misting from the simmering pots, enveloping the busy outlines and energetic motions of chefs in action, are all an indispensable part of the atmosphere and the traditionally authentic dining experienceawaiting within.

The dynamic shopfront expresses itself through the eye-catching elements of noodle-inspired weaving screens. This hint of the traditional, yet modern and sensual in approach, compliments the newly refurbished look of the adjacent casino and retail area, instantly appealing to casino-goers as a point of interest and a visual stimulus to entice and draw-in for a taste of its signature dishes.

In creating a single casual dining space of impact and luxury, advantage was taken of the venue’s high ceiling to create a sense of volume, embraced by the relaxing flow of weave-patterned walls that merge into the vaulted space above. Like ripples cast in still water, the visitors’ eyes are drawn by loops under this singular space expressed of continuous linear curves. The weave of carefully crafted lines, spirallingtowards the high circular ceiling planes, engage in unity with the variety of seating configurations, providing a distinctly airy and distinct atmosphere. 

Curved elements are carried throughout, in expressing this contemporary Chinese restaurant with a sophisticated touch. Fan shaped decorative lights suspended from ceiling are conceived as golden coins flipped through the air. Incorporated as a striking design accent, they also cite the essence of luck and fortune emanating from the casino.

Interior materials pay homage to northern Chineseculinary arts and kept natural in state. Juxtaposed against the energetic atmosphere of the kitchen are the accentuating palettes of green mosaic walls and red fabric sofas whose inspirations derive from hand-painted china ceramics. Marble flooring complimentsthe luxurious atmosphere with the playful artwork of light, vibrant colors reflecting on a backdrop of carefully crafted lines. A uniquely subtle interpretation of sophistication, the Noodle Kitchen echoes both the taste of the gourmet as a culinary artisan and an amplification of the chefs’connoisseurship at work.

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